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Extreme Cougar Plastic Surgery: When Should Surgeon Say No?

You seem an approachable plastic surgeon. Do you see any of these cougars looking for too much plastic surgery to hunt down their cubs? Lip collagen? Too big breast implants? How can you do it when they look so deformed?

Cougars do not usually come to the office with a declaration of their evening activities. Once in a while an older gal will want to look much younger. Very rarely she will be open about what she intends to do with her new look however.

It is kinda like going to the body shop to get something fixed and being asked about where or how you plan to drive the car afterward. It is really none of my business.

In Orange County it is not like there is a pack of easily identified cougars roaming the offices of plastic surgeons. The question of what I might do with a woman who wanted more than I thought was a good idea of anything is the same.

If what she wants has relatively few bad effects I just do it. If she seems bent on a course that will make her look awful in the long run I decline. Usually I split the difference.

I don’t do Trout Pouts and I’d like the breast implants I place to not have problems if they can be avoided. We do what we can to make it happen that way.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD


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