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Exterminator Jason Smith Caught on Video Before and After Setting Dr. Melissa Ketunuti on Fire

The surveillance video (below) showing exterminator Jason Smith before and after he allegedly strangled and set Dr. Melissa Ketunuti on fire has been released by police, reports CBS Philadelphia.

Smith was arrested on Thursday and charged with the grisly murder of Dr. Ketunuti, who was found hog tied and still smoldering when police came to her home on Monday afternoon.

On Wednesday, Police looked over a coffee shop's surveillance video footage and were able to zero in on Smith who walked on the same sidewalk minutes after Dr. Ketunuti walked home.

An hour later, Smith walks by the camera again. This time there is a clearer image of his face as gets into his pickup truck and drives to another job on behalf of David Bilyk Exterminating.

Smith confessed to police that Dr. Ketunuti was disrespecting and belittling him when he performed work on her home. He struck her, she fell to the ground. He started to strangle her with a rope, tied her up and set her on fire.

Ori Feibush, who owns the OCF Coffee House around the corner from Dr. Ketunuti's house, told "We had crystal-clear video of [Smith] walking right past the coffee shop and looking at the cameras. I was exceptionally uncomfortable until they caught the guy because it looked like anybody who walks by the shop."

"When he came back he had gloves on, his hat was off and his jacket was in his arms. Coming back he walks directly under the camera and that's when we realized, wow, We had this guy on camera."

Feibush said he went outside to get police who were still stationed to the area on Wednesday: "They were in absolute shock as well. There was the guy, walking in broad daylight with no hat on, not hiding his appearance in front of a very powerful surveillance camera. I honestly believe this guy would still be on the loose for a long time, if not forever, without video surveillance."


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