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"Parenthood" TV Show Tackles Birds-and-Bees Talk

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On last night's "Parenthood," Joel and Julia tackled a subject that would make any parent of a grade schooler cringe: sex! Check out how they responded when little Sydney asked, "Mommy, did I come out of a vagina?"

See the Parenthood video clip here.

When your kids are ready to start talking about where babies come from -- or rather, when you're ready to start discussing it with them -- consider these tips:

  • Don't lie. Use correct names for body parts and give honest, age-appropriate answers to their questions.
  • Give them a little bit of information at a time. Think of your child's sex education like circling a mountain: You'll return to the same questions again and again as they get older, giving a little more detail each time.
  • Use context as a jumping-off point. Say someone said something weird at school, or that your kids saw something on TV they didn't understand. These are great teachable moments where you can give solid information to your kids.
  • Uncomfortable?Grab a book and share it together. We like "It's Not the Stork!" by Robie H. Harris -- it's pitch-perfect for little ones. Older children may be ready for Harris' next book, "It's So Amazing!"
  • Be available. Create an environment that makes it easy for kids to come to you with questions.

Have your kids started asking these kinds of questions? How do you handle it?


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