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Teen Opens Up About Social Media 'Cutting Challenge' (Video)

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A new trend amongst youths may put their lives on the line.

It is called the “cutting challenge” and it involves teens cutting themselves and posting photos of the results on social media, according to Fox 13.

“When I cut myself, it hurt really bad,” 17-year-old Jessika Phillips told Fox 13.. “And since I was using safety scissors it took a while to do.”

According to her, her classmates pressured her to cut her forearm in middle school.

“They cut themselves,” she said, “take pictures, show their friends, post it on Facebook.”

Jessica’s mother, Crystal, hopes that parents will warn their children about the issue.

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 “These fads come and go so quickly that sometimes we, as parents, don’t notice it," said Crystal.

Experts say that the trend has been on the rise.

“In the last five years, we’ve seen a real increase in cutting,” Gregory Jantz, a child psychologist, told Fox 13.

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“It also is a symbol of belonging,” he added. “A cutter usually knows other kids who are cutters and they belong in this group. So there’s a sense of identity with that as well.”

Jessika hopes that today’s youths will realize how dangerous the trend is, saying, “Honestly, I just think it’s a stupid new trend that middle schoolers are doing.”

Upon hearing the story, many took to Facebook to voice their concerns and opinions on the trend.

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“How about we start the go jump off a cliff challenge?” a user commented. “Cause, you know, everybody else is doing it …”

“Cutting is a real issue,” one user wrote, “a type of addiction … We probably shouldn’t joke about it.”

Source: FOX13FOX13 on Facebook

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