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Ex-Girlfriend Claims Charlie Sheen Didn't Tell Her He Was HIV-Positive (Video)

Actor Charlie Sheen announced on the "Today" show on Nov. 17 that he is HIV-positive, and that he always told his partners of his status. One of his ex-girlfriends, Bree Olson, claims she just found out days ago (video below).

Sheen told "Today" host Matt Lauer he was diagnosed in 2011, but had been blackmailed for millions of dollars by unidentified people whom he trusted, reports Reuters. Sheen said he made the public disclosure to end the blackmail.

Sheen said he wasn't sure how he contracted HIV, but denied transmitting the disease to any partners and said that he "always led with condoms and honesty when it came to my condition," according to the news service.

Olson told radio host Howard Stern on the same morning that she found out only a few days ago about Sheen's HIV status, reports Uproxx. Olson, who says she is HIV-negative, told the shock jock:

"It's bulls--- ... He doesn't even value my life. If HIV, luckily, there's enough medications and stuff now, that people with HIV, they can lead a full life. But if someone goes without knowing, and there is plenty of girls, I'm sure that he's had in his life where they don't go tested regularly like I do with the types of lives that they lead. And that can turn into AIDS, and when it turns into AIDS, it becomes a whole different ball game."

Olson also claimed Sheen used lambskin condoms, which can prevent pregnancy, but not STDs, including HIV.

Sheen's second and third ex-wives, actresses Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards, claim they were told about his diagnosis four years ago, and are HIV-negative as are their children, according to Reuters.

Sources: Reuters, Uproxx, The Howard Stern Show via Soundcloud / Photo credit: NBC Screenshot

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