Ex-Sheriff Now Supports Medical Marijuana (Video)


Former New Mexico Police Officer and County Sheriff Darren White spent decades jailing people for marijuana and opposing medical marijuana, but that all changed when he needed it (video below).

“I’m not ashamed to sit here and tell you that I was wrong, as it relates to medical cannabis, I was wrong,” White recently told KRQE.

"I've never supported medical marijuana," White told the Albuquerque Tribune in 2007. "I'm very sympathetic to the patients -- I watched my father die of cancer, and it's the most difficult thing in the world -- but I don't think you have to smoke marijuana to gain the comfort and relief that's provided by the THC."

White changed his mind after a friend with a serious disease used medical marijuana, and when he had surgery on his leg and back.

“Consuming a steady diet of painkillers doesn’t equal a quality of life,” White told KRQE. “I know that medical cannabis works and it’s also the reason why I’m a cardholder."

White was approached by three companies for security plans when the state of New Mexico decided to issue more licenses for nonprofit pot producers. He now works for one of them, Purlife.

"It works, it absolutely works," White stated.

Reena Szczepanski, director of Drug Policy Alliance New Mexico, told the Albuquerque Tribune in 2007: "The reason I was passionate about working on the medical marijuana bill was seeing the patients with these heartbreaking stories of being impacted by pain, nausea. Really, it's all about helping them."

Sources: KRQE, Albuquerque Tribune via Americans For Safe Access / Photo credit: KRQE/YouTube

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