Ex-Airline Employee: Trays On Planes Have Fecal Matter, People Die On Flights


Allison Hope, a former airline industry employee, recently revealed her insider knowledge on flying, which includes some health risks.

In an article for Refinery 29, Hope advised passengers not to drink coffee or tea that is made on a plane because the water flows from tanks that are difficult to clean and are likely teeming with bacteria and other contaminants.

She also advised people to only drink bottled water, and not to eat any food unless it is in a sealed bag from a brand manufacturer. Hope wrote that LSG Sky Chefs, which provides meals to planes, often gets flagged for health violations.

Hope also warned passengers that seat trays are used by others to change baby diapers on. Hope says to use antibacterial wipes on the trays if you decide to use them.

According to Hope, people die more often during flights than most folks would imagine. If a passenger passes away, the flight will usually land at the nearest city, but there are times when it's not apparent that someone has died until the plane lands and the deceased fails to leave the aircraft.

The people who die most often, Hope says, are elderly people with heart problems.

Hope also mentioned that people throw up on planes, as well as have sex and masturbate.

In 2015, Travelmath.com enlisted a microbiologist to take bacterial samples on four flights (two major airlines) and five airports, reported CNN.

The samples revealed that the tray tables were the filthiest place on the aircrafts.

The next filthiest were buttons on airport drinking fountains, airplane overhead air vents, airplane bathroom flush buttons, seatbelt buckles, and bathroom stall locks.

Sources: Refinery 29, CNNFoodSafetyNews.com / Photo credit: Douglas Perkins/Wikimedia

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