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Baby Helps Mom Spot Breast Cancer

By refusing to be breastfed, a baby in England may have saved his mother's life by helping her detect her breast cancer.

It all began when baby Teddy Boyle suddenly started screaming and crying every time his mother, 26-year-old Sarah Boyle, tried to feed him from her right breast, reports the BBC.

"He became very unhappy and even hit out," recalled Boyle. "For an 8-month baby to push his mother away was really heartbreaking."

Yet when Teddy's unusual behavior continued, Boyle began wondering if the baby was detecting something wrong.

Only a few years prior in 2013, Boyle had developed a benign cyst in her right breast.

Although doctors told her not to worry in 2013, she couldn't help but notice the correlation between Teddy's cries and the fact her cyst had become "more rigid" and painful -- even changing shape.

"Nobody can say for certain whether it was Teddy, but I know that if it wasn't for him then this time next year it could've been completely different if I'd listened to doctors, but instead I listened to Teddy," said Boyle.

After several weeks of Teddy's cries, Boyle went to the doctor where a biopsy revealed it was breast cancer.

What's more, the doctor confirmed the cyst had been growing for three months -- the same time Teddy stopped breastfeeding, reports The Metro.

"Teddy could obviously smell and taste that the milk from my right breast tasted different from the milk from my left breast," she explained.

"Teddy is my hero -- if it hadn’t been for him I would never have suspected I had cancer," added Boyle, who is now halfway done with chemotherapy. "My consultant told me that breastfeeding helps a mother and baby bond. In my case it did more than that -- it saved my life."

Even health care professionals were shocked Teddy could detect the cancer.

"My consultant said he’d never seen anything like it before and was baffled and amazed," explained Boyle. "He told me it was very fortunate I chose to breastfeed -- otherwise my illness may not have been discovered."

The story touched many worldwide, with some calling it a miracle. However, some expressed anger at the doctors.

"You would think the doctor would have bothered to test her," said one person on LiftBump's Facebook page. "I'd be so angry and yeah I'd drop that doctor in a heartbeat."

Sources: BBCThe MetroLiftBump/Facebook / Photo Credit: SWNS via The Metro

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