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‘Every Major U.S. City East of the Mississippi’ Is Reportedly Underreporting Heavy Metals In Its Water


According to reports, a number of U.S. cities are intentionally downplaying the amount of heavy metals like lead and copper in their water systems.

The report from The Guardian revealed that water authorities across the country have been systematically distorting water tests in order to downplay the amount of heavy metals in samples. The shocking report came amid a crisis in Flint, Michigan.

According to an anonymous source, the controversial distortion of water tests has occurred in “every major U.S. city east of the Mississippi.” The source reportedly has extensive knowledge of the regulations.

There is no indication that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations have been broken in any of the cities, but the guidelines have been intentionally ignored. Cities specifically named include Detroit and Philadelphia.

“We are trying to stay up on the latest science as best we can,” a senior official with Philadelphia Water said in a November 2015 email, regarding the testing methods used. "We get confused by it and wish that a national forum of experts could get together and agree. But it’s often left to us to try and make sense out of everything that is published and talked about."

The information revealed in The Guardian’s report comes from documents obtained by Dr. Yanna Lambrinidou, who was on the EPA task force that recently proposed revisions regarding the federal regulations for lead and copper.

“There is no way that Flint is a one-off,” Lambrinidou said.

Sources: Gizmodo, The Guardian / Photo credit: Flickr

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