What Happens When You Eat A Spotted Banana (Video)


Some people  believe that when black spots begin to show on bananas, they should be thrown out. It turns out this is not the case.

Research shows that spotty bananas could help cure skin cancer and fight a number of health problems, such as heartburn, blood pressure, anemia, ulcers, depression and constipation, to name a few.

In Bananas, brown and black spots actually mean that the fruit is more ripe. The more spots a banana has, the higher the amount of Tumor Necrosis Factor, or TNF. According to Q Political, TNF helps fight against cancer cells.

The enzyme that causes black spots on bananas is present in human skin and is found in greater quantities in those who suffer from melanoma. Eating spotty bananas can help doctors detect skin cancer in earlier stages and early treatment increases the chances of survival in melanoma patients, according to Express.

Sources: Q PoliticalExpressBreaking News/YouTube / Photo credit: Express

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