Rare Case Of Bi-Paternal Twins Confirmed In Vietnam

Vietnamese scientists have confirmed a pair of bi-paternal twins, or twins with two separate fathers.

The two-year-old twins were brought to have DNA tests after their parents noticed that one twin had thin, straight hair while the other’s was growing thick and wavy.

The parents became worried that one of the fraternal twins had been switched at birth in the hospital, but soon learned what really happened.

Tests conducted at the Center for Genetic Analysis and Technologies in Hanoi revealed that the twins have the same mother, but different fathers, CNN reports.

According to Metro, the parents are from the Hoa Binh province of Vietnam.

Le Dinh Luong of the Genetic Association of Vietnam says that this is the first case of bi-paternal twins in Vietnam that he is aware of.

Sources: CNNMetro / Photo credit: Metro

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