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Doctors Remove Power Plug From Toddler's Head (Photos)

A toddler in China required emergency surgery Nov. 5 after falling onto a power plug which then became lodged in his head.

Xiao Tang, 2, was reportedly playing with his uncle when he fell out of bed and came down on the plug, according to The Sun.

Tang's mother explained that he had accidentally stepped on a plastic ball which threw him off balance, the Daily Mail reports.

He was quickly taken to a local clinic. The doctors there were unequipped to treat the child's injury, however, and moved him to a nearby hospital.

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There, X-rays confirmed that the three-pronged plug had become embedded in the toddler's brain.

An emergency operation was carried out, and after three hours the plug was completely removed from Tang's head.

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Chang Huimin, the neurosurgeon who performed the emergency operation, said Tang's parents were wise not to try to remove the plug themselves. Since the plug had punctured one of his blood vessels, an amateur attempt to take it out could have caused massive bleeding, which may have killed him.

Tang is expected to make a full recovery, although he must remain under observation in the hospital for a period of two weeks.

Sources: The Sun, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Asiawire via The Sun

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