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Surprising: 90% of Evangelical Groups Support Contraception

Leaders of some Evangelical groups surprised many by announcing their intentions earlier this month to work to seek common ground on pregnancy prevention. But the announcement is much less surprising, given support expressed by both evangelical leaders and their followers for contraception.

In a recently released survey, a majority of church leaders, as well as nearly 90 percent of their congregations, approve of the use of birth control -- both barrier and hormonal.

From the Christian Post:

Surveyed leaders in the most recent poll said the purpose of sex is not limited to procreation but it extends to the consummation and expression of love within marriage.

"Our leaders indicate that contraception can be utilized if all biblical purposes of sex are upheld and that it may actually aid in keeping the balance," Anderson noted.

The survey comes weeks after the NAE released a "Theology of Sex" resource to help inspire discussions about sex within the church and as part of an effort to reduce abortions in the country. The resource lists four reasons for sex, including "one-flesh union" to consummate marriage, procreation, expression of love to one's spouse, and enjoyment and pleasure.

Though overwhelmingly open to various forms of contraception, some leaders gave approval with caution.

While giving his OK, George Brushaber, president emeritus of Bethel University, noted that contraception should be used "with proper biblical and medical guidance."

As one Minneapolis preacher stated, "Just because something is a gift from the Lord, it does not mean that it is wrong to be a steward of when or whether one will come into possession of it."

Most interestingly, many seem to think that birth control can be thwarted if God decides it is time for you to have a child anyway.

Nevertheless, God is in control whether a married couple uses birth control or not.

"The hands of the almighty are not tied by birth control," he has argued. "A couple will have children precisely at the time God wants, whether they use birth control or not."

Perhaps that explains the vehement opposition to abortion following failure of birth control.


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