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Eva Mendes Says Her Body Comes From Hard Work

Eva Mendes says she is not “naturally slim” and instead attributes her great body to consistent exercise and healthy eating.

She explained to Health & Beauty magazine that

“…I work out hard and I am consistent. It can be difficult fitting in exercise when I’m on location as there just isn’t time, but I always try to do a shortened version of my usual routine.”

Mendes then went into detail about her exercise routine, revealing

“I exercise at least five days a week; I love to run and I mix it up with light weights and squats. I also do yoga twice a week to stretch my body. Plus, it helps with my posture and relaxes my mind.”

The 37-year-old actress wasn’t always so mindful about her health, though, revealing

“I never cared about exercise or what I was eating until I reached my 20s and then I started eating well and going from drinking no water to up to three litres a day. I really believe in the beauty philosophy of starting from within now; it’s kind of changed my life.”


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