Eugene Maraventano Allegedly Kills Wife and Son with Kitchen Knife Over HIV Scare


A Pheonix man allegedly stabbed his wife and son, killing both, because he feared he contracted HIV from prostitutes years earlier and gave it to his wife, according to police.

Eugene Maraventano, 63, called 911 on Saturday to report the killings, which occurred several days earlier.

Maraventano told a detective that he had stabbed his wife Janet, 63, with a 14-inch kitchen knife while she was sleeping, and then killed their son Bryan, 27, according to the probable cause statement police filed in court Monday.

Maraventano claimed that he stabbed his son because he didn’t know how he would cope without his parents, the statement said. Maraventano told authorities that he thought his son was disabled because he had no girlfriend, no job, and played video games all day.

The court document did not indicate if Maraventano or his wife tested positive for HIV, the virus which causes AIDS.

Maraventano addmitted to sleeping with several prostitutes when he was working in New York, and said that he feared he had “contracted HIV or other diseases and passed them on.” 

Janet was recently tested for cancer, which was negative.

Maraventano said he tried to kill himself several times after he called 911, but he was unsuccessful.

He is facing two counts of first-degree murder.

Sources: ABC News, Daily Mirror


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