Erin, Three Years Later

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Me with my girls. The hubby is camera shy.

Ah, milestones. They give us the perfect opportunity to look back and reflect—on where we’ve been, how far we’ve comeand where we are now. When Jenn and I launched Fit Bottomed Girls three years ago, I had no idea the trip it would take me on. I thought it would be fun, gain some readers and maybe, if we were really lucky, make a buck or two.

In 2008, I was in California with my hubby, my pug and a full-time job writing about construction equipment. (Little bit of trivia for you!) In 2011, I’m all the way across the country in New Jersey, with my hubby, my pug, a daughter!, sans that full-time job.

The FBG journey hasn’t always been easy. Jenn and I have poured our blood, sweat and tears into this site. As you can imagine, maintaining this site and having another full-time job can be a little hard on a girl. Once, stressed to my max and at my wit’s end from juggling two jobs, I almost quit. As fate would have it, I was laid off from my “real” job during that crisis, leaving me plenty of time—and sanity—to remain a Fit Bottomed Girl without the crazy stress. Jenn has also left her “real” job and now, THIS (*gestures wildly to the surrounding site*) is our real job.

I’m now over on our Fit Bottomed Mamas site most of the time, and I will say that I’m definitely more sleep deprived and getting a little less cardio than I was three years ago (but man, my arms are fierce from lugging 22 pounds of baby around!). And while I can’t say that it’s a stress-free existence trying to keep up with a 9-month-old and juggle all of THIS (again, with the wild gesturing), I’m so lucky to have a beyond-stellar business partner, a super-supportive husband, a delightful daughter…and that pesky pug.

Three years ago, when Jenn and I started Fit Bottomed Girls, I knew we had a great idea to bring fun fitness inspiration to the masses. It’s been so fun to bring you readers along for the ride. —Erin


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