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Erin Brockovich Takes Up New Fight Against Painful Permanent Birth Control Essure

Erin Brockovich may be known as the name and inspiration behind the 2000 movie starring Julia Roberts, but she’s still out there fighting for the good of the people. Her latest undertaking? Essure birth control.

According to reports, many women have recently been complaining of severe adverse reactions to permanent birth control. Most say that it has caused them consistent pain, with one woman saying that it felt like “barbed wire inside of me,” and another saying it is “constant pain that doesn’t go away.”

Becky Beasley of Arizona says that she went to the doctor to get the birth control implant after deciding that she didn’t want to have any more kids, but immediately after the implantation, she knew something was wrong.

“I had the Essure coils put in and immediately my body rejected the procedure,” she said. “My leg started to tremor and I threw up a couple of times.”

She kept the implant in, but after months of continuous health issues that forced her to quit her job, she eventually went back to the doctor to get it taken out.

“I felt like there were little gremlins,” said Beasley, “that were just trying to claw their way out.”

Even after the coil was taken out, however, the pain continued. Doctors were unable to find a cause for the pain, until an X-ray finally showed that pieces of the coil were still in her uterus. As a result, she had to have a full hysterectomy.

This story is unfortunately not rare, as a lot of women have had similar issues after getting the Essure implant. Many have discovered that the coil broke or had misfired, and around 80 had even reported that they had still become pregnant despite having the birth control implant. Even scarier, almost 100 had to have hysterectomies to reverse adverse effects.

Now, Erin Brockovich, who famously led and won a 1993 multimillion-dollar case against Pacific Gas and Electric Company with no formal law school education and had a movie written about her, is stepping up as advocate for the women who have suffered from the adverse effects of Essure.

Brockovich has launched a website encouraging women who have been harmed by Essure to step forward.

“I started this website for women who have had the Essure Procedure so they could share their stories and concerns about Essure,” writes Brockovich on the site. “I believe that collectively we are strong voices that can create change and not only help ourselves but educate and share our stories so that we can help others find the help and comfort they need.”


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