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Epileptic Man Faces Jail For Self-Medicating With Marijuana (Video)

Jeremy Bourque was charged in March 2014 for felony drug possession in Jefferson County, Texas.

Bourque was found growing three marijuana plants, which he claims help combat seizures from epilepsy.

"I've smoked it everyday for the last 23 years and I'm able to sit here and talk to you just like I am now, I don't think I'm a deranged lunatic drug head, what people might want to think," Bourque told KFDM in September 2014 (video below).

"And I'm hoping that I'm not looked at as such a criminal as just trying to do my own self good, I mean what I was doing was in the sanctity of my own house, you know what I mean, in my own way, not bringing it out into the world," added Bourque. "I mean I smoked this morning on the way up here, I mean, twice, I'm not out of my mind, not unable to talk to you guys or make sense about, you know, what I'm doing."

Borque faces a felony charge, which likely means prison if he is convicted by a jury.

According to The Free Thought Project, Borque's trial begins on Jan. 26. The young man claims that he has been hospitalized more than 10 times since being diagnosed at age 15.

Borque has created a GoFundMe page to help with his legal costs. On that page he writes:

“The medicine from these three plants would have been enough for me to live seizure-free and productive for a year. Instead my family was frightened, my equipment was destroyed, and my plants were unceremoniously uprooted and absconded with. Since then, without my own treatment, I’ve been in and out of the hospital for seizure related injuries more times since March than I have in my thirty eight year existence."

While Texas authorities are not buying his defense, the Epilepsy Foundation recommends medical marijuana for people with the condition and decriminalization for medicinal purposes.

Sources: KFDM, The Free Thought Project, Epilepsy Foundation, GoFundMe
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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