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Epilepsy and mental illness

On the issue of the mass media and science surrounding epilepsy and mental illness including autism there is at least a 60-year history of medical research concerning an entire class of genetic disorders associated with epilepsy and neurovisceral damage from a multitude of chemicals, primarily pharmaceuticals.

Try reviewing research on porphyrias and epilepsy, drug reactions, autoimmune disorders and now autism. It is now believed these disorders that have long been associated with severe drug reactions dating back to the era of barbituates and sulfonamides are continuously underdiagnosed in epilepsy and mental illness. The questions remain as to why porphyrias have remained buried in "mass media medicine" and the disorders have been reduced to a medical joke in the form of vampires and werewolves.

Theories include delayed technology in diagnosing these disorders in prepuberty children and latent gene carriers who may be activated during a medical crisis with drugs and stressors or from drug reactions associated with Pharma's need to profit from medicalizing nonspecific lab tests, signs and symptoms (cholesterol, hypertension, seizures as examples.) 

Maybe it is a need to prevent lawsuits and to maintain the "random act of God approach" to drug complications. Maybe it is a continued post WWII eugenics program or the profits made from chronic illnesses associated with these genetic disorders. Try pulling up porphyria on Pubmed or the internet sometime and go back to the 1940s and 1950s.

Something is not only rotten in Denmark but in most every race and ethnic group in the world. I have spent 10 years trying to prove it and have been systematically undermining mainstream medicine in the United States with real research concerning epilepsy, porphyrias and drugs and now the use of vagal nerve stimulators.


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