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College Freshman Binge Drinks To Her Grave

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An Illinois college student in Ohio was found dead in her dorm room on Jan. 20 after a night of binge drinking. Erica Buschick, 18, originally from Gurnee, Illinois, was a freshman at Miami University in Ohio and had just returned to school after spending winter break at home.

Her last Facebook post, made in late November, read: "I wanna go to college for the rest of my life." Two months later her legacy would forever be tied to the college.

On the night of Jan. 20, around 10 p.m., Buschick split two bottles of champagne with her roommate, Reilly Graves, before replacing a Dasani water bottle "a little over halfway" with vodka. A friend then picked the girls up and drove them to an off-campus party where they engaged in "high-risk alcohol consumption," according to police.

By 10:45 p.m. the roommates had already consumed all the vodka from the water bottle and continued to drink more vodka from a Grey Goose bottle, which they knew was filled with a cheap brand.

Afterward, Buschick and some others went to Brick Street Bar Uptown to continue the party. On the way to the bar, Buschick fell and was determined to be too intoxicated to enter the establishment. A friend called Buschick's roommate, asking her to take the drunk freshman home.

Buschick and her roommate then got into a cab and went back to the dorms sometime after midnight. The taxi driver who took the girls back to the campus said Buschick fell on the ground when exiting the vehicle, suffering numerous scrapes, according to Daily Mail.

Once they entered the dorms, Buschick had to be assisted up to her second-floor room by her roommate and the cabbie since she was unable to walk by herself. The cab driver says he placed her on a bean bag chair for fear that she'd hit her head again and told Graves to look after her.

Graves fell asleep at around 1 a.m. after snapping a picture of Buschick in the bean bag chair, which she posted on Instagram. Authorities later deleted the image.

When the roommate woke up, she discovered Bushick cold to the touch and still lying on the chair in the same position from before and called 911. She was pronounced dead shortly after police arrived.

Bushick's father, Eric Buschick, told the Chicago Tribune: "She was my baby girl."

The father of three said he didn't blame anyone for his youngest daughter's death, but would like Miami University to take preventative measures to ensure this does not happen to anyone else.

Sources: Daily Mail, Chicago Tribune / Photo credit: Donna Buschick via Chicago Tribune

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