English Halal Slaughterhouse Workers Investigated Over Animal Abuse

Graphic footage obtained by an undercover reporter with an animal welfare organization shows extreme cases of abuse and brutal treatments of sheep in an English slaughterhouse.

Bowood Lamb, the slaughterhouse located in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, England, have now lost their operating licenses and one employee has been fired following the release of the disturbing video.

The footage was filmed by Animal Aid, an English campaign group against animal abuse.  One of the group’s video shows sheep being kicked by employees, threatened with knives and thrown in the air into hard constructions.  Another worker stepped on a sheep’s neck to pin it down. 

Other reports state that workers laughed at the sight of a sheep bleeding to death, taunted sheep by hitting their heads with knives, and stabbing at sheep before slaughtering them.

England’s Food Standards Agency, responsible for the license suspension, later released a statement.

“There is no excuse for treating animals in the way shown on the video and we are therefore investigating the footage with a view to prosecution,” according to the FSA.  “We are also continuing to investigate all the circumstances around the incident to ensure proper safeguards are introduced to stop this happening in the future.”

There are also complaints of how workers kill animals, typically by slicing their throat.  This is a normal ritual in halal and kosher slaughterhouses, as it is believed that this method gives respect to the animals and is not painful.  However, Animal Aid notes that many slaughterhouses stun animals before killing them as the law requires, of which Bowood Lamb did not.

Animal Aid director Andrew Tyler asked the public to switch to a vegetarian diet in his plea for less animal cruelty.

“By whatever method animals are killed, or whichever authority presides over the killing, there is no mercy in a slaughterhouse,” Tyler stated.  “The animals are traumatized.  They don’t want to be killed, but they are killed, and for no good reason.”

You can watch the video here.

Sources: New York Daily News, the Guardian

Video Credit: youtube.com via Animal Aid

Photo Credit: google.com via thenorthernecho.co.uk


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