England Allows Diabetic American Crack Dealer To Stay For The Free Healthcare


A diabetic American crack dealer facing deportation won a bid to stay in England because he has multiple health issues and utilizes the National Health Service.

Johnny Callie, 64, has high blood pressure, a bad knee and diabetes.

After being jailed for seven years for conspiracy to supply crack cocaine and heroin in England, Callie was due to be deported.

But Callie, a Vietnam war veteran, has argued that he won’t be able to afford medical care in the U.S.

Judge Bernard Dawson said Callie’s age and medical conditions would make it difficult for him to find work in the U.S.

The court also considered Callie’s girlfriend, a British citizen who suffers from depression. Callie lived with the woman since June 1995. Dawson noted that the woman had "no contact with other members of her family and has very few friends.”

“Due to her depression and anxiety she is usually dependent upon the claimant and cannot easily leave her home on her own or travel outside Ipswich unless he is with her,” Dawson said. “'She would experience high level of anxiety were she to leave her home and travel to America with the claimant. She has a history of attempted suicide.”

Dawson halted the deportation order because he says it breached Callie’s right to family life under Article 8 of the European Convention for Human Rights.

He noted that if Callie’s girlfriend moved with him to America she would not be entitled to Medicaid and it “is unlikely the couple could afford private health insurance.”

According to a letter from Norfolk and Suffolk Probation Trust dated February 2014, Callie has exhibited “excellent” behavior after his incarceration. It says he has remained drug-free and has not relied on welfare benefits since his release.

Sources: Daily Mail, Ipswich Star

Image credit: Francis Tyers


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