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Energy Drinks Make Alcohol More Dangerous

A new study has found that mixing alcohol with energy drinks is more dangerous than drinking alcohol alone.

According to a report on, Professor Cecile Marczinski from Northern Kentucky University divided 28 people into four groups -- one that drank alcohol, another that drank an alcohol/energy drink mix, one that drank just energy drink, and a placebo group.

They were then judged on how quickly they could perform tasks and control their actions after taking their respective drinks. They were also asked about their stimulation, impairment and how drunk they felt.

The study found that the energy drink altered the alcohol reaction. People who drank alcohol, whether with or without the energy drink, acted more impulsively compared to when they were sober. However, the people who mixed alcohol with energy drinks reported feeling more stimulated.

Marczinski said young people, who are most likely to drink alcohol/energy drink mixes should be educated about the increased risks.

The study was published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

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