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EndoPAT Test Checks Fingers to Predict Heart Disease (Video)

About one million people have a heart attack in the U.S. every year, often with no warning.

High blood pressure and cholesterol tests can be easily checked, but they don't tell the whole story.

A new medical test has been developed that can quickly analyze the cardiovascular systems and predict heart disease years in advance by checking your fingers, reports CBS New York.

According to Dr. Chris Renna of LifeSpan Medicine in Santa Monica, California, the EndoPAT test can easily check the health of blood vessels.

“You can see endothelial dysfunction in 30 year olds. You can prevent a potential lifetime of distress and misery by correcting that,” Dr. Renna told CBS Los Angeles.

During an EndoPAT test, blood flow sensors are placed on a finger on each hand. A blood pressure cuff is inflated to stop blood flow to one hand. Minutes later, the cuff is deflated and the EndoPat sensor measure the blood flow.

In a normal patient, there is a rebound surge in blood flow, but in an abnormal test there is no surge.

“If the results are not normal, you have to do lifestyle modifications. Lifestyle changes are in order to make them normal,” Dr. Renna added.

The makers of the EndoPAT test, Itamar Medical, state on their website:

The EndoPAT is a non-invasive test that can predict the likelihood of suffering a heart attack long before the event can happen. Having this information is vital because just looking at cholesterol levels can’t give you or your doctor the most accurate data about your heart.

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