Embracing Change


Change to me means discomfort or going into the unknown. I do find myself going through great lengths to avoid this feeling. I seem to waste valuable energy on avoiding the discomfort or the uneasy feeling that will arise from change. I know it is stupid because not all changes lead to negativity! Some are beautiful and amazing changes.

Every time I choose a new path or direction in my yoga practice I seem to go through changes in my day to day life. Some are minor and some drastic and some are pleasant. 

I find myself at these cross road at different phases of my life. Learning to move with the tides and to avoid clinging on what was is a welcome struggle. It is difficult and often find myself fighting the change. Within me arises disconnect and numbness.

My head is telling me to.... Enjoy the RIDE, at this very MOMENT. But what my head says, my heart cannot comprehend. I need to surface from this cocoon and learn to fly or let go. Like a butterfly. I have to Embrace these Changes one step at a time and maybe things will settle and life will not be so blurred. Growth begins to rise.


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