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Elle Macpherson Won’t Hire Nanny to Raise Kids

Elle Macpherson is glad she decided not to hire a nanny to raise her children – because she gets to oversee every part of their upbringing.

The Australian supermodel has two sons with tycoon Arpad Busson; Flynn, 12, and seven-year-old Aurelius Cy. And the catwalk queen admits one of her “best decisions” has been choosing to be a hands-on mother and not to rely on the services of staff.

She tells Tatler magazine,

“I have help, but I don’t have a nanny, for example, and it has been one of the best decisions I ever made because I get to participate in all aspects of my children’s lives.

“I don’t just walk in and do ‘good time’ mum. I do ‘wake up, even though you don’t want to get out of bed’ mum. I do ‘I’m making you breakfast and I’m sorry but you have to have fruit’ mum. I do, ‘we are doing your homework together whether you like it or not and then we can have fun’ mum.  There is a profoundness to my experiences.”

How do you feel about parents who let nannies raise their children?  I can understand the help you may need if you’re a working mom or a single mom and can afford that type of luxury – but some moms take the nanny thing too far, don’tcha think?!

For example, a friend of mine babysits for a pretty wealthy family who has four kids — and she tells me stories that I can’t believe.  Basically these women don’t want to deal with their children.  They get spoiled having the nanny or babysitter around, and the second they have to be a “mom,” they call for help.  It’s a shame because these children grow up spoiled and disconnected from their family (which I think will cause problems later in life).


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