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Elizabeth Street, 94, Dies After Her Wheelchair Rolls Down Hill During Fire Drill

Elizabeth Street, 94, died after being injured when her wheelchair rolled down a hill and landed in a ditch full of water, during a fire drill in Decatur, Alabama.

Street reportedly developed pneumonia after the accident, but the exact cause of death hasn’t been determined. She also suffered from congestive heart failure, reports The Decatur Daily.

The bizarre accident occurred during a fire drill at Country Cottage Assisted Living. A caregiver told emergency responders that she went outside and discovered that Street’s wheelchair had rolled down a hill and into the ditch.

Street's son-in-law Wallace Everett told The Decatur Daily: “Our objective now is to better understand what happened, why this happened and what can be done to prevent it in the future."

Street was placed in the Country Cottage Assisted Living home by her family after breaking her hip in October 2011.


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