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Elizabeth Ludwig Killed in Plunge Off Georgia Balcony

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Police in Georgia are still trying to figure out how a woman fell off of a balcony at a posh resort, plunging five stories to her death.

Elizabeth Ludwig, 33, was staying at the Marriott Evergreen Resort in Stone Mountain with her fiance following a wedding over the weekend when she somehow fell off the balcony.

Her panicked boyfriend called police at 2:45 Sunday morning to report what happened.

"I think what we have to do is wait till everyone that needs to be interviewed has been interviewed and of course the medical examiner finishes and we'll have a much better idea of what actually happened," Stone Mountain Park Police Chief Chuck Kelley told Atlanta's WSB-TV.

Kelley added there was no problem with the balcony itself. "I did personally check the balcony and the railing there, and it's very sturdy and supportive."

Investigators say the hotel was full for the holiday weekend, so hopefully someone might have seen what happened and can help police solve the mystery.


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