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Elisabeth Malloy Survives Avalanche with Help of Boyfriend Adam Morrey

When someone is buried in an avalanche, he or she has a 60 percent chance of dying, according to the Utah Avalanche Center. But Elisabeth Malloy beat the odds with the help of her boyfriend Adam Morrey.

Malloy and Morrey were cross-county skiing in Millcreek Canyon, Utah, which they knew was a dangerous area, reports KSTU-TV.

When they crossed 9400 feet in Millcreek Canyon, the couple triggered a huge avalanche.

Malloy said, "I didn’t hear the collapse but I saw the slab coming."

Malloy was swept away as was Morrey.

Morrey recalled, "I immediately called for Elisabeth and there was no response from her."

Malloy was buried under a foot of snow for about five minutes while Morrey searched for her, using a beacon that he packed in his backpack to locate her.

Malloy said, "I had a small pocket of air I created with my arms and I decided the best situation was to meditate and breathe slowly."

After finding her with the beacon, Morrey used a shovel to dig Malloy out.

Rescue crews later airlifted Malloy to the University of Utah Medical Center.

Malloy only suffered frostbite to her hand and foot. "Looking back at it, it was miraculous, it was amazing," she said.

The couple, who knowingly placed themselves in danger, have some advice for others: "Educate yourselves, take classes, have the equipment and choose your touring partners wisely."


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