Elementary School Lunch Aide Gives Students Dog Treats And Tells Them They're Cookies (Video)

A school aide is in trouble for giving elementary school children dog treats and telling them that they were cookies.

The lunch aide at New Hanover Upper Frederick Elementary School in Pennsylvania reportedly told students that she was handing out cookies or crackers one day, but unbeknownst to the kids, she was actually giving them dog treats.

“She made it look like it was a joke that they were dog treats and then she came around and said, no they are cookies. They are fine,” said fourth-grade student Gabriel Moore.

After the discovery was made, a statement was sent home to parents to inform them of what happened.

“Our research on the product indicates that the treat ingredients would not be harmful to people, with exception for those individuals with specific food allergies,” read a part of the letter to parents.

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The reactions have been mixed, as some parents are calling for the aide to be fired, while others are saying that it shouldn’t be taken that far seeing as how the treats aren’t necessarily harmful.

"We are ready to reprimand everybody and anybody for anything,” said parent Kitty Islett. “And not thinking about, well, what did we do when we were kids.”

Still, many parents say that the teacher put the children’s lives at risk and that the aide wasn’t acting like an adult.

"They trusted the aides, you know what I mean,” said parent David Moore. “Like what if it was rat poisoning or something. So it was kind of shocking to be honest with you. In my opinion, you put the lives of children at risk so you should be penalized pretty bad for that.”

Police are now investigating the incident, and the unidentified teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of that.


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