Elderly Couple to Die Together in Assisted Suicide

An elderly couple, Francis, 89, and Anne, 86, who have not revealed their last names, plan to die together in a physician-assisted suicide.

The couple's adult children claim they would not be able to care for one parent if the other died. The kids have found a doctor to help end their parents' lives in a first-ever double euthanasia.

The Daily Mail claims the couple in Brussels, Belgium, are "healthy," but also reports that Francis has had prostate cancer for 20 years and must take morphine on a daily basis.

His wife Anne is partially blind and almost completely deaf.

The couple doesn't want to live without the other and fears they might become confined to a bed. The seniors claim they cannot afford a good retirement home, which would eat all their savings.

Francis and Anne are planning to end their lives on their 64th wedding anniversary (Feb. 3, 2015) with an overdose of sleeping pills while wearing plastic bags over the heads for asphyxiation.

"We want to go together because we both fear of the future," Francis told Moustique, a Belgian news site. 'It's as simple as this: We are afraid of what lies ahead. Fear of being alone and above all, fear of the consequences of loneliness."

"It takes courage to jump from the 20th floor and I am unable even if I wanted to do it," added Francis. "It takes courage to hang, it takes courage to jump into the canal. But a doctor who makes you a shot and lets you gently fall asleep? It does not take courage."

Their son John Paul found a doctor willing to perform the physician-assisted suicide in an unidentified hospital in Flanders, Belgium.

"If one of them should die, who would remain would be so sad and totally dependent on us," stated John Paul. "It would be impossible for us to come here every day, take care of our father or our mother."

The Mirror also described the couple as "healthy" and noted that euthanasia has been legal since 2002 in Belgium, where about five people die per day via assisted suicide.

Citizens must demonstrate that their physical and/or mental anguish is "unbearable suffering" in order to be candidates for euthanasia.

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail (Image Credit: Aktron/Wikimedia Commons)


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