Rock Music: Great iPod Playlist for Working Out

Sometimes I really do think rock & roll should be some version of an onomatopoeia for working out. Isn’t rocking and rolling what it’s all about anyways? Let’s face it, you never see people calmly and quietly standing in place when some one’s cranking out some rockin’ tunes. Even when in the presence of a bad band that’s opening for the awesome band, I still find myself moving along with the music. It’s just impossible to stand still. 

We realize it’s a hot mess in most places this time of the year. We also realize heat drains the living snot out of most of us,so with that in mind, we’re sending you rock songs that will Pied Piper you into getting off the couch and onto a stairway to heaven. I wonder how many calories one could burn from 30 minutes of intense air guitar. Hmmm…Any who, I give thee all a list of rock tunes with no rhyme or reason. The only requirement is they have to keep you moving. Add these tunes to different playlists and rock on. 

Rock it Out

  1. (5:12) The Adventure, Angels & Airwaves: This one feels like you’re running full speed down a hill. So try that. Run down a hill. Then run back up. Embrace the adventure! And check out our interview with them after.
  2. (2:33) We Got The Beat, The Go-Go’s: Get on the treadmill and add some quick sprint intervals for this fast, upbeat song.
  3. (2:56) The Geeks Were Right, The Faint: I recommend doing the robot on this one. Throw some light weights in your grip and go to town. Find your inner geek, and get your jock on simultaneously.
  4. (5:42) Panic Switch, Silversun Pickups: This one will definitely get your heart pumping. I find the faster the song, the better I jump rope. Try it and let me know if the same works for you.
  5. (4:37) Young Folks, Peter Bjorn & John: I love carefree songs. I recommend reserving this song for the days you’re hiking and need to connect with the whimsical. Who doesn’t need the whimsical?
  6. (4:07) Dashboard, Modest Mouse: Usually I’d say modesty has no place in the land of sweat, but I love to rock this type of modesty, especially while running stairs. It’s all about the momentum…and leaning forward.
  7. (2:22) Riot Radio, The Dead 60′s: Take flower power to a new level. Run outside and watch the flowers blow crazy-like in the wind as you zoom past them.
  8. (3:13) 1901, Phoenix: This song was made for cruising. (Bike cruising, that is.) I have yet to hear this in my spin class, but I can guarantee that the minute I do I’ll be wailing a sweet song of burn.
  9. (4:29) New Divide, Lincoln Park: I like the idea of a new divide. Use this song to divide the new you from the old you. Introduce yourself to the new hotness that can bench press a little bit more and run an extra lap with ease.
  10. (3:20) Toxic, A Static Lullaby: A familiar song, but this time, pop goes rock.
  11. (2:53) Tokoyo, Telekinesis: Another goodie for the spin bike perhaps? Mwahahaha…
  12. (5:04) Uprising, Muse: Super set your two favorite weight training-exercises and rock out to this song for three sets. You’ll feel an uprising IN YO BUTT MUSCLES!

If you search for rock on iTunes or other music sites, it can bring up some interesting stuff. When I think of rock, I think of classic rock. There’s nothing like some Jimi Hendrix to get my blood flowing. What kind of rockin’ tunes help you feel the burn? —Tish


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