Eighth Grade Football Player Cameron Espinosa Dies From Reaction To Ant Bites

An eighth grade football player from Texas died from a severe allergic reaction after he was attacked by ants during a game last week. Cameron Espinosa, 13, fell ill during a huddle at halftime last Wednesday night. "He was standing there on the sidelines and just started yelling 'Ants! Ants!" said Lorette Williams, the director of communications for the Corpus Christi Independent School District.

Espinosa was in critical condition for several days after the attack but it is believed that he passed away at some point over the weekend. Haas Middle School in Corpus Christi, Texas announced his death on Monday morning and held a moment of silence. The school cancelled all extracurricular and athletic events for the rest of the week.

"The District will do all we can in support of the student's family and the entire Haas school community during this sad time," the CCISD said in a statement.

School Board member Hector Salinas questioned whether something could have been done to prevent what happened to Espinosa.

"If this is in a playing field and we got that situation, then we got a problem," Salinas said. "People can tell me well when it rains, the ants come out. Nah I don't wanna hear that! Nah. You know what no. This kid got bit by a lot of ants. Something went wrong."

Salinas claims that the football field where Espinosa was bit has more than 20 ant piles and that officials may have known they were there.

"If in fact the coaches there knew that there was a problem with ants before.. Then you know what? It should have been taken care of," Salinas said. "It really bothers me because here we got a young kid that is fighting for his life and... I don't know... Could this been prevented? I want to know. I think we... People... We owe it to everybody to know exactly, you know, why did this happen.”

Sources: The Daily News, KRISTV


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