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Egypt Celebrates Freedom; Republicans Assault Ours

Cross-posted from Chocolate City.

The Egyptian people have spoken with one voice and with people-power they have opened the door to a new way of life. They are about to learn what the true meaning of the word ‘freedom’ means with all its complexities and conundrums. They need much support.

Here in the USA where Democracy and freedom is celebrated as a shining beacon for the world, the GOP is busy trying to take away freedom from millions of women. This party, of mostly white males, is about to tell the American women that they can go to hell when it comes to their own reproductive health.

The former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi , as reported via the Washington Post’s Plum Line, put it best. She said on a conference call on February 10, 2011 that Republicans “disrespect the judgment of American women.”This is an apt statement with regards to where the Republican Party seems to stand in general, not only with women, but with most Americans who are not Republican or supportive of their agenda. They seem to think only they know what is good and right for the American people: only they can lead us.

The hubris that they exhibit is breathtaking.

Republican men and their feminine cohorts who support this repressive and regressive view of women’s reproductive health and choice do us a disservice. Parents of young daughters should worry about this assault on choice. These battles have been fought and won. Why dredge them up time and time again in order to galvanize their political base? Are we not all in this together?

What about jobs? They came in on a huge wave saying they would help the American people. We need jobs not attacks on Planned Parenthood.

These folk experienced a backlash when they blatantly tried to redefine rape but still they march on. Instead they create an environment which allow some members of their party to believe our President is Muslim.

Egypt is celebrating new freedom and pending Democracy. We in America, on the other hand, must deal with Republican obstructionism against our own freedom of choice. It would be nice if they would think more about Americans who have lost their homes and jobs to policies they championed instead about worrying about if women will have abortions or not.

Now that would be change to believe in and welcome.


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