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Edward Archbold Dies After Winning Roach-Eating Contest

Edward Archbold died last Friday night after eating dozens of roaches and worms in a contest held by the Ben Siegel Reptile Store in  Deerfield Beach, Florida.

The roach-eating contest was part of the Ben Siegel Reptile Store's October 5 "Midnight Madness" sale.

Contestants had four minutes to eat discoid roaches, which can grow up to three inches long. 

Archbold, who was trying to win a free python from the contests, fell ill outside the pet store, reports

According to the police report, Archbold "wasn’t feeling well and began to regurgitate. He had consumed dozens of roaches and worms."

Archbold was pronounced dead after being transported to a nearby hospital. A Broward County medical examiner is awaiting test results to determined Archbold's cause of death.


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