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Eating on the Run: How to Nurse Baby in a Sling

One skill I never mastered with my son - actually never really attempted to learn - was nursing in a sling while walking around. 

Now, I do have the excuse that the sling options seven years ago were pretty limited.  We had a Dr. Sears Nojo sling (which was a no-go for us), a Bjorn, and later an Ergo. There wasn't too much more than that available then, at least as far as I knew at the time.

But now, oh my. There really isn't any excuse anymore considering the plethora of options. And we have indulged in many of them: a ring sling, mei tai, wrap, soft structured carrier are all sitting in a carrier basket in our living room, and we use them all the time.

Not only that, but Meg, our region's babywearing expert, has been shadowing me at a breastfeeding group I run (note to moms in my area - this is a huge bonus of coming to the group), and does free weekly sling clinics at a local store. So I'm going to give it the old college try. 

I thought I'd post this video of Kate, the owner of a the local store where Meg works, teaching how to nurse in a ring sling in two positions - a cradle carry and hip carry.  A few years ago I also posted a video of Meg teaching how to nurse in a pouch sling.

How about you?  Can you feed your baby on the run?


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