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Can You Eat More and Lose Weight?

Are you hungry all the time and frustrated with your weight?

Given the most common food sources, your hunger is really no surprise.

Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Fast food, restaurant food and even many of the foods in the supermarket can leave you feeling unsatisfied and overweight at the same time.

The high sugar and fat meals even program your body to crave more sugar and fat. It’s a vicious cycle.

Learn more about the pitfalls of sugar and other highly refined carbs: Heart Disease In Women Linked To High Glycemic Index Foods.

The problem is that the typical, modern foods are so high in calories and low in nutrition that if you eat enough to satisfy your appetite, you get more calories than you can burn off in a day.

Breaking the Vicious Cycle

What if there were a way to eat more healthy food, and lose weight?

Spring is the perfect time to celebrate the health benefits of food brimming with the power of phytonutrients.

The Key to Weight Loss

Salads are an excellent example of high nutrient density meals that help you lose weight: The vegetables in garden salad have a high ratio of nutrition to calories. In other words, you get lots of nutrition for very few calories.

High nutrient density meals such as salad allow you to eat more, satisfy your appetite and stick to a healthy weight loss plan.

And salads are a wonderful way to get more vegetables—a lot more—into your day. This is important because optimum nutrition requires nine or 10 servings of fruit and vegetables per day, which is the target amount in the meal plans of my book “The Fat Resistance Diet.” (Please see link below for free recipes.) Having salad is a delicious way to move toward getting nine or 10 per day.

The latest research shows us the amazing health benefits of lettuce, arugula and endive, and motivates our family to eat a big salad every day.

Benefit from Antioxidants

These are items you can find in your supermarket that can add important nutritional elements to your meals. For example, romaine and red leaf lettuce, spinach and arugula are all excellent sources of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant nutrients, such as carotenoids and phenolics.

Eating more carotenoids could even make you better looking, according to the latest nutrition research. Learn how: Want to Look More Attractive? Eat Carrots

Instant Nutrition Boost

The positive effects on your body start right away. For several hours after you a eat large bowl of fresh romaine lettuce, there is a significant increase in your blood of:

  • Total antioxidant activity
  • Vitamin C
  • Beta-carotene
  • Quercetin, an important bioflavonoid
  • Phenolics

Mangia Italian Style

Arugula is a trendy green leaf found on Italian restaurant menus. Arugula is not only an excellent source of bioflavonoids, but it also contains calcium. Arugula has Vitamin A, which helps build immunity and potassium that is important for muscles.

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