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Mitzi Dulan: Eat these Healthy Foods in Spring

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Spring is here and seasonal fruits and vegetables are entering a farmers’ market or a grocer near you! If you tend to buy frozen foods, try buying fresh for a week.

Try these springtime foods to add some freshness to your diet!


Cherimoya: Part of the custard apple family, cherimoyas have white flesh and are a great source of vitamin C. Add it to your next salsa for a fruit kick.

Lychee: China has been growing lychees for over 2,000 years. To separate the fruit from the skin, pierce and pull back half of the skin to squeeze the fruit out.

Pineapple: A great addition to fruit salads, choose pineapples that are heavy and have dark green leaves. Refrigerate cut pieces for up to 3 days.


Artichokes: A good source of fiber, folate and magnesium, select artichokes with plump heads and tightly closed leaves. Try them as a topping on your next veggie pizza.

Asparagus: Containing vitamin A, asparagus is great sauteed.  Wrap cut stalks with wet paper towel and refrigerate for 4 days in a plastic bag.


Fava beans: Can be mashed and incorporated into your hummus recipe or simply microwaved until tender and eaten plain. Fava beans are good sources of vitamin B1, phosphorous and potassium.

Research assistance provided by Jessica Bennett


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