How to Eat Out Without Breaking Your Diet


Eating out is part of living and part of socializing. So how do you keep your eating clean and still enjoy yourself? Here are a few healthified ideas to take out with you:

Pass on the bread basket. Either tell your server 'no thanks', or have some water or tea to keep your stomach busy until the food comes.

Look for grilled entrées and ask for veggies as your side. Check to make sure food isn't grilled or cooked in butter or heavy oil. Defeats the purpose.

Watch portions. Just because they bring you a big plate of food, doesn't mean you have to eat a big plate of food. If the servings are large, look at it like two meals... lunch for tomorrow!

Skip dessert. If they have a fruit cup, then go for it, otherwise, you should be full enough.

Be mentally ready before you even walk in the restaurant. Know that you will make healthy choices, that you will enjoy the company, and walk out with a delicious meal and your fitness intact.

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