Easter Bunny Rides Motorcycle, Pulled Over for Not Wearing Helmet

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The California Highway Patrol pulled over the Easter Bunny on Saturday morning near San Diego.

According to CBS Los Angeles, CHP Officer Adam Griffiths pulled over a man dressed as a giant Easter Bunny riding a motorcycle with an old-fashioned sidecar without a helmet on Interstate 8.

Officer Griffiths radioed: “I’m stopping the Easter Bunny,” reported NBCNews.com

Officer Griffiths' partner took a picture of the giant rabbit, which made it onto the web via social media networks.

“This was the first time I’m aware that we got the Easter Bunny on a motorcycle," said Brian Pennings, a public information officer for the CHP.

Apparently, the Easter Bunny costume posed a safety concern because it was a visual impairment.

The Easter Bunny told Officer Griffiths that he was driving to a charity event. The giant rabbit was given a verbal warning, but not ticketed.

“If you ride a motorcycle, you have to be aware of your total surroundings,” Pennings told the Los Angeles Times.

Sources: CBS Los Angeles, NBCNews.com, Los Angeles Times


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