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Easter Bunny Rides Motorcycle, Pulled Over for Not Wearing Helmet

The California Highway Patrol pulled over the Easter Bunny on Saturday morning near San Diego.

According to CBS Los Angeles, CHP Officer Adam Griffiths pulled over a man dressed as a giant Easter Bunny riding a motorcycle with an old-fashioned sidecar without a helmet on Interstate 8.

Officer Griffiths radioed: “I’m stopping the Easter Bunny,” reported

Officer Griffiths' partner took a picture of the giant rabbit, which made it onto the web via social media networks.

“This was the first time I’m aware that we got the Easter Bunny on a motorcycle," said Brian Pennings, a public information officer for the CHP.

Apparently, the Easter Bunny costume posed a safety concern because it was a visual impairment.

The Easter Bunny told Officer Griffiths that he was driving to a charity event. The giant rabbit was given a verbal warning, but not ticketed.

“If you ride a motorcycle, you have to be aware of your total surroundings,” Pennings told the Los Angeles Times.

Sources: CBS Los Angeles,, Los Angeles Times


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