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Surprising Remedy for Stress: Ear Massage

Self massage of the ears helps to refresh your thinking, calm your body, energize your mind and improve focus for more efficient learning. This video teaches basic techniques for ear massage including acupressure points, lobe massage, ear rolling, cupping and more. Ear massage only takes a few minutes and will leave you feeling refreshed while improving your attention. Teaching children and teenagers how to perform self-massage techniques empowers them to take care of themselves whenever they feel stressed, anxious or simply need a lift in their day.

Ear Massage for Calm and Focus

Hi yogis, this is Donna of, and today we are going to show you how to do ear massage for calm and focus. This is an essential skills for pretty much every student because it will energize the mind, relax the body and create an optimum situation for learning and attention.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to create a V in your hands. This side of the V is going to go in front of the ear, the index finger and thumb are going to go behind the ear. From there you want to rub up and down. Just gently. The lovely thing about self-massage is that you get to determine the type of pressure you want and what feels good today.

Once you’ve done that a little bit, you’ll take your middle finger and beginning at the base in the front start making little circles, work your way up. Once you reach the top you’ve got to get the ear out of the way so that you can work your way behind the ear, all the way to the bottom. If you find any tension spots or areas that are sore spend a little bit more time there. And then work your way back up to the top and down again in the front.

Now there are three principal acupressure points in front of the ear. The first is one is just above the ear. You’ll find a little indentation and you just want to do little circles. Then move down to right in front of where the ear attaches to the skull and again there is a little, tiny divot. Give that a bit of a rub. And then just in front of the cartilage flap of the ear, you’ll want to rub there gently.

In Ayuvedic medicine they say that all the energy points of the body are represented in the ear, so ear massage is really great for increasing energy and clarifying your thoughts.

The next thing we are going to do is some lobe massage. Take your earlobes between your index finger and your thumb. And just start to rub, little circles. Now what this does is the ear lobes connect with the brain. So the right ear lobe stimulates the left hemisphere and the pituitary gland. The left ear lobe stimulates the right hemisphere and the pineal gland. So as you massage the lobes you are getting a full brain workout and energetically linking both hemispheres of the brain.

From there, you can take your middle finger and do a little massage on the inside of the ear. Here we are getting into the internal organs of the body. Giving them a little bit of stimulus, a little bit of care and attention.

Next, we are going to do what is called ear rolling. So you begin at the top of the ear and you open up this flap of cartilage and work your way down. Repeat that three times. This is a fantastic exercise for increasing focus, for giving you more creativity, more attention. It’s almost as if you are opening up the brain and all that goodness there.

Once you’ve done the ear rolling, the next thing is to do friction cupping. Take your hands, energetically rub them together till you’ve created some heat. Once you feel your hands are warm cup them over your ears and close your eyes. Relax your shoulders down. Pull your senses in. Breathe deeply. Allow the warmth to soothe and calm. Then when you’re ready open your eyes. Give your ears just a bit of a rub with the palms of your hands.

The next thing we are going to do is ear pulls. So with ear pulls you just gentle grab your ears and you’ll gently pull them down while you reach the back of your neck up. Do this a few times. This helps release tension in the eyes, opens the ears so that you can hear well, your listening improves. And maybe one more time. That’s it. Really stretch up through the neck. Lovely.

And there you have it. Ear massage for focus and calm.

For more information on yoga for kids, for teens, for students of all ages please visit Namaste.


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