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Dying Star Wars Fan's Wish To See Latest Movie Installment Goes Viral (Video)


A Texas man dying of cancer has expressed his wish to see the latest installment in the "Star Wars" movie franchise before his death, and his wish has now gone viral, Click2Houston reports (video below).

Daniel Fleetwood, 32, of Spring, Texas, told Click2Houston his dying wish is to see an early screening of the film "The Force Awakens," the latest movie in Disney's "Star Wars" film series.

Fleetwood, a former mental health counselor, was diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that affects the connective tissue, two years ago. In July, Fleetwood's oncologist told him that he likely only had one or two months left to live.

Although he has managed to live longer than his doctors initially expected, an exam performed at the man's home hospice on Nov. 2 revealed that 90 percent of his lungs are now covered in tumors, according to NBC News.

Because he is not expected to live until the movie's scheduled Dec. 18 release date, Fleetwood and his wife, Ashley, are hoping Walt Disney Studios will allow him to attend an early private screening of "The Force Awakens," even if the event would have to be closely supervised by studio executives.

"I really don't think that I'm gonna make it," the terminally ill man told Click2Houston. "Please do what you can. Help me."

As of Nov. 3, the couple has reportedly not heard from Disney regarding Fleetwood's request. The film studio also could not be reached for comment by NBC News.

Fleetwood has reportedly been an enthusiastic Star Wars fan since he was 8 or 9 years old. His wife told NBC News that he has dressed up and camped out at his local movie theater for the opening of all of the previous "Star Wars" movies, so he could be the first to purchase a ticket. One of these camp-outs was the subject of an article in his hometown newspaper 12 years ago.

After Ashley posted her husband's dying wish on Facebook, the man's request has gone viral on social media. 

A Twitter campaign for Fleetwood to view the film was started under the hashtag #ForceForDaniel, and "Star Wars" actors Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and John Boyega have all shown their support by retweeting posts related to the campaign. 

Ashley told NBC News she was overwhelmed by the support her husband has received on the Internet.

"I can't wrap my head around it," she said. "It's kind of a good thing, because if there wasn't this attention, I think I would have a lot more negativity and sadness. And this is at least providing us with something to still be hopeful for when there's not much else to be hopeful for."

"Even if we don't get to see the movie, for me, personally, just everyone caring so much, it matters so much," she said.

Sources: Click2Houston, NBC News / Photo credit: Click2Houston via NBC News


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