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Dying Cancer Patient Visits With Beloved Horse One Last Time (Photos)


A British man dying of cancer had one last opportunity to reunite with his beloved horse thanks to hospital staff.

Frank Keat, 80, spent 65 years working with horses. As a teenager, he worked in stables, and he later bred horses and served as a judge at equestrian competitions throughout England, The Huffington Post reports.

Keat owned thousands of horses over the years, according to Mashable.

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After dedicating nearly his entire life to horses, Keat hoped to make one last visit to his stables before passing away, The Telegraph reports. But he was too ill to make the trip.

Staff at Bodmin Community Hospital in Cornwall, England, wanted to reunite the dying man with one of his beloved animals one last time, so they arranged to have 5-year-old Early Morn surprise him at the facility.

On Oct. 23, the nursing staff wheeled Keat’s bed onto the patio at the hospital — where he was greeted by Early Morn.

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“Frank was just overwhelmed and speechless,” nurse Samantha Russell told SWNS, according to The Huffington Post.

“I can honestly say that this is the most memorable day of my career,” she added. “The emotion was overwhelming, and there wasn't a dry eye on the ward.”

Three days after the emotional reunion, Keat passed away peacefully. Early Morn will attend the funeral, according to The Telegraph.

Sources: Mashable, Huffington Post, Telegraph / Photo credit: SWNS via Mashable


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