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Review: "Shiva Rea Power Flow Yoga" Well-Rounded and Challenging

I have not yet had the distinct pleasure of practicing with Shiva Rea. It seems that whenever she's in D.C., I'm either not, or otherwise occupied (mostly teaching my own classes). However, if her DVD is anything like her classes, I am for SURE making it to her workshops the next time she's in town.

Shiva Rea: Power Flow Yoga is a hand selected medley of some of Shiva's best yoga segments from previous DVDs. What I like best about this program is the customizable matrix which allows you to make your own practice by mixing and matching the segments. Not only do you get a versatile practice, but you also get snippets of some of her other programs such as Daily Energy, Yoga Trance Dance, and Fluid Power. Not feeling like making it up on your own? No worries here. Shiva and her team have put together three pre-set practices, all under an hour, for you to follow and enjoy. There are nothing but options here!

The first few times you practice, I would suggest you try out all of the segments before jumping right in to it, and be open to the experience. This will give you a chance to get familiar with Shiva's language, as well as an opportunity see which segments go well together. Try it out and have a little fun the first time around to see what works best for you.

Overall, I would highly recommend this DVD and encourage you to give it a try. You're more than likely to learn something new while experiencing a well-rounded and challenging practice, all while having a good time!


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