On-Duty Houston Cops Accused of Eating Confiscated Pot Brownies


Three Houston police officers are under investigation for allegedly eating pot brownies they confiscated during an arrest.

The accusations come from 19-year-old Nicholas May, a young man the cops arrested in May for alleged possession of marijuana, mushrooms, guns and cash. Such accusations from a suspect usually do not carry much weight. But in this case, the officers own words may do them in.

After making the arrest and allegedly eating the brownies, the officers went down to their patrol cars and reportedly typed the following into their in-car police computers:

Officer 1: "So HIGH… Good munchies."

Officer 2: "Everything should be open when we get done."

Officer 1: "Two hours, max."

Officer 2: "Probably, but this will take the whole shift."

The officers could be charged with felony charges of destruction of evidence and patrolling under the influence.

Houston station KTRK has more:


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