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Durex Launches Discreet Condom Delivery Service in Dubai

Durex, a condom company, has just launched a new app and service in Dubai for those that need a condom delivered to them discreetly.

Customers needing a condom just need to download the app or visit the website and order the condoms, which will be delivered within an hour. 

The person who delivers it is dressed as someone else, like a tourist or a pizza delivery man. They slip the customer the condom without being noticed. 

Users of the service can order condoms between 4pm and 4am anywhere in the city. 

Durex hopes to expand the service to other countries, too, and has launched a Facebook campaign. The more "likes" it gets from certain cities, the more likely it is to come to that city.

A similar service exists in America. ConAm, or the Condom Ambulance, delivers condoms to College of New Jersey students when they're in dire need. 



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