Dumpster Diver Eats, Bikes Across U.S., Draws Attention to Food Waste (Video)

Rob Greenfield is an activist and inspirational writer from San Diego, Calif., who has been eating from dumpsters while cycling across the U.S.

It's the second time Greenfield has made this unusual journey to raise awareness about the American food ($165 billion) that is thrown away because it's expired or blemished, noted PoconoRecord.com.

Greenfield, who has been dumpster diving for more than a year, claims that one out of seven people in America don't have access to adequate food.

Greenfield has been interviewed by major media outlets and recently demonstrated his dumpster diving on "The Americans with Charlie LeDuff" in Pittsburgh (video below).

He says there is so much waste in America because "stores are lazy" and there's no universal way to redistribute food to the poor.

At certain points during his trip, Greenfield stages a "Food Waste Fiasco" presentation to show the edible food that came from dumpsters of the city that he is in.

"The idea is to create a shocking visual display," Greenfield told WTAE. "It goes much deeper than just food waste."

Greenfield, who carries no money, says that American materialism "is dangerous to the planet."

He has an online marketing company that oversees a micro-grant program supporting grass-roots projects for "a happier, healthier world."

Greenfield's "Off the Grid Across America" tour ends in New York City later this month.

"I actually rarely ever wash food that I eat and I've never been sick," claims Greenfield. "A lot of times there's so much food in there you don't even have to climb in. You can reach over."

"The police came one time in Iowa," recalled Greenfield.

However, most of the police officers friended him on Facebook.

"We hung out half an hour before they took off," added Greenfield.

Sources: The Americans with Charlie LeDuff, PoconoRecord.com, WTAE


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