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Drunk Man Has Knife In Skull For Hours, Remains Clueless The Entire Time

Anyone who has overindulged in alcohol knows it’s a powerful substance. Drinking a few too many glasses of booze has been known to make people do ridiculous things — like bet your friends you can belly flop into the river 20 feet below and then actually do it. Want another fun example of alcohol’s reality distorting powers? Check out this story about Brazilian man Juacelo Nunes de Oliveira.

Oliveira, 39, was stabbed four times during an alcohol-fueled fight at a party in the Brazilian city of Agua Branca recently. He was stabbed three times in the torso and once in the head before he thought, "Hey, maybe I should go to the hospital." Here's the catch: Oliveira was aware of the stab wounds to his abdomen, but he had no clue that the knife used to stab him in the head was still stuck in his skull. 

"He had the knife lodged in his head for this whole period but he was not aware of it," Dr. Gilberto Albuquerque told CNN. "We believe the shock and a bit of the drinking may have helped him not to understand the knife was still in his head."

Here, courtesy of CNN, is the most ridiculous picture you’ll see today (warning: graphic image:

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Somehow, Oliveira was not permanently injured by the stabbing. According to Dr. Albuquerque, the knife narrowly missed a handful of key nerves in his brain.

"The knife crossed his head just behind the optical nerve, got very close to the olfactory nerve and (was) just a fraction from the gustatory nerve,” Dr. Albuquerque said. “He could have been blinded and could have lost his senses of smell and taste, but none of that happened and he is alive and healthy."

Oliveira stayed in the hospital for a few days following a successful surgery to remove the knife. He is now home and healthy with no remaining complications from the freak incident.

Sources: CNN, 9 News / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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