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Drunk, High Dad Puts Infant in Oven

A Kentucky man high on marijuana and drunk on whiskey put his 5-week-old son in an oven Sunday and left him there overnight, police said.

The oven door was slightly ajar, and the oven was not turned on.

After smoking marijuana at the restaurant where he works as a cook, Larry Long returned home to share a fifth of whiskey with the baby's mother, Brandy Hatton, McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden said in a statement. Hatton had several shots and went to bed while Long finished the bottle.

At 5:30 the next morning, Hatton awoke to the sound of the baby's cries coming from the oven. He had been in it for several hours. Emergency crews responding to the scene transported the infant to a hospital, where he was found to be unharmed.

Police say when Long realized what he did, he called a psychiatric facility. "He actually called a mental health crisis line immediately thereafter and told them that he had done this. And they contacted us," Hayden said.

Long is under arrest and charged with first degree wanton endangerment. He is being held on  $10,000 bail. He blamed his actions on the marijuana, which he believes was laced with a hallucinatory agent.

Authorities removed the baby from his mother, who was not charged, and awarded emergency custody to members of her family.


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