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Pastor John Johnson Beat Addiction Through Self-Exorcism

Pastor John Johnson, addiction specialist, will never forget the day he cast out his cocaine and heroin demons through intercessory prayer. “As the drug demons were being expelled, they fought violently to stay.

As they threw me to the ground, while saying no-no-no-no, I’m not coming out, I felt this strong sensation of heat tearing through my flesh, as the demons stepped out of my body, leaving me with a peace beyond all understanding.”

Well, we should say so. After 18 years of a $400 a day habit, performing a self-exorcism qualifies as some serious detox.  And now Pastor Johnson is sharing it all with you in his new book, Alcoholism, Wrongly Diagnosed, from Triumph House Press.

In it, Pastor Johnson promises to “show the reader the demonic powers of addiction, and how to overcome them, without ever having to attend a single 12-step meeting.” Which is a big time saver right there. No word on whether Pastor Johnson has included a tear-out sheet with step-by-step instructions.

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